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Fishing For Ducks In The Sun

Wednesday 22nd July 2020 2:02pm
Fishing For Ducks In The Sun

We have a lovely large patio area here at our home and as the weather has been so fantastic, we decided to get the paddling pool out along with a set of ducks and fishing nets that we had left over from a summer party and have a competition to see who could catch the most ducks!


We are not entirely sure who won, however, there was a very positive competitive spirit as everyone did their best to catch as many ducks as possible in the one single net.


We do, however, think that Activities Coordinator Tracey may have had the upper hand as she managed to catch the majority of the ducks!


Registered Manager Julian said:


"The large patio area at our home really does make a big difference during the summer months because it creates a lovely environment for residents to enjoy the outside space.


I was not party to the duck fishing, however did hear from residents (and staff) following the session that it went down very well!"