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Helping Louise Construct Her New Furniture

Monday 7th September 2020 3:36pm
Helping Louise Construct Her New Furniture

It is important that our residents are able to make their spaces here at our home their own and as well as recommending that they bring any furniture with them from home when they join us, we also help our residents choose their furniture whilst they are here!


Resident Louise was no exception and she recently made an order for some rather lovely looking wooden furniture.


When it arrived, we were able to assist Louise in putting it together and transferring her items over to it. She was delighted with the finished pieces!


Registered Manager, Julian commented:


"I certainly encourage every resident to personalise their space here at our home. We may be classed as a care home, but we are home to our residents and aim to help them make it so.


As well as bringing their furniture, this includes things such as choosing the colour of the walls when rooms are redecorated and more.


I would like to thank the team for taking the time out to help Louise with her furniture. She was delighted with the result and I personally think that it looks great!"