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Life At The Island Through Mixed Activities!

Monday 14th September 2020 4:02pm
Life At The Island Through Mixed Activities!

We have a diverse activities programme here at our home and thought that we would give you a flavour of just some of the activities residents have been getting up to over the past week.


Our mixed activities are very popular and not only that; they're very diverse, taking into account a lot of suggestions and ideas from our residents.


The latest in our group of mixed activities involved table tennis, hoopla and word games. The table tennis was by far the most popular, however, and we won't rock the boat too much by announcing a winner ad competition was fierce!


Activities Coordinator Tracey commented:


"Our regular resident meetings create an opportunity for us to share the activities that were enjoyed over the past few weeks and make any suggestions as to activities which would be good to include over the coming weeks.


With Covid-19 meaning that trips our are not really possible at the moment, we have certainly come up with some innovative activities within the home including a Zoom pantomime, a virtual trip around Chester Zoo and much more!"