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Nothing Like Some Knitting!

Tuesday 13th October 2020 2:37pm
Nothing Like Some Knitting!

Our residents all have hobbies that they enjoyed throughout their lives and a recent activity included helping one particular resident with some knitting.


As well as keeping the brain active, knitting can help keep the fingers moving and 'well oiled'! 


When it comes to things such as knitting, there are even some skills that our residents can teach staff and this session was no exception. We look forward to seeing the final knitted piece!


Registered manager Julian explained:


"Having a personalised activity plan for each resident is extremely important and as well as hobbies such as knitting, many of our residents enjoy gardening, artwork, reading and more.


We have a policy of going out of our way to help residents be able to continue enjoying these hobbies and it was so lovely to see this recent knitting  activity being enjoyed!"