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OH YES THEY DID…Thank you to our community for bringing cheer to our residents

Thursday 25th March 2021 4:46pm

As we venture ever deeper into 2021, we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect over the past few months and how our local community have bought so much joy to our residents.

One special event that took place at the height of the festive season what a televised pantomime put on by the talented Marlowe Theatre.

Due to government restrictions, the Marlowe Theatre bought the panto to us, and put on a dazzling performance of ‘Nurse Nellie Saves Panto’. Watched by over 90,000 people across the country, the Marlowe Theatre bought the Christmas spirit to life and a real buzz to our home.

Our staff and residents thoroughly enjoyed the performance and are so grateful to the players for making this possible.

Fingers crossed we can applaud in person this year!