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Welcoming, kind, caring and attentive

(9 out of 10)
Welcoming, kind, caring and attentive

The staff warmly welcomed me with every visit to my mum including offers of a cuppa with an update regarding my mum.
I witnessed how kind, caring and attentive staff were in making every effort to meet the needs of residents in a cheerful and friendly manner despite a difficult and demanding role.
As my mum has dementia, it was not possible for her to comment on the Island but she seemed settled with no signs of distress and maintained her appetite which is always a good sign. I did chat with other residents who said how lovely the home is and how happy they are there.
The period of my mum staying at the Island was a difficult one, having to make decisions about her long term needs but after talking to several staff, they were very understanding and provided sound advice and reassurance. The manager was also extremely helpful and supportive which was much appreciated.
Yes, the interior does look shabby and in need of an update but the care I can not fault & that was more important to me. So thank you, everyone, for your kindness and hard work.